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Warm congratulations to "Refractories" for being included in "Overview of Chinese Core Journals" for 9 consecutive times

Posted time:2021-03-10 Page View:8186

Recently, I received a notice from the editorial board of "Overview of Chinese Core Journals" that "Refractory" was successfully included in the 2020 edition of "Overview of Chinese Core Journals" (the 9th edition) of the core journals of the chemical industry. This is the ninth time since 1992 that this journal has been included in the "Overview of Chinese Core Periodicals".

Since its 1992 edition, "Overview of Essentials of Chinese Core Journals" has produced a wide range of influences in the academic world. After that, 1996 editions, 2000 editions, 2004 editions, 2008 editions, 2011 editions, 2014 editions, 2017 editions and 2020 editions were successively published. year edition. "Refractory" has been selected as a Chinese core journal for 9 consecutive times, which indicates that "Refractory" has high authority and academic influence in China.

The project team of "Overview of Chinese Core Journals" (2020 edition) uses a combination of quantitative evaluation and qualitative evaluation to evaluate core journals. The quantitative evaluation index system adopts 16 evaluation indicators, and 48 kinds of databases and abstract publications are selected as the statistical sources of evaluation indicators. More than 10,000 subject experts participated in the review of core journals. 1990 core journals were selected, and the core journals of 74 disciplines were listed. The "Refractory", which is in charge of and sponsored by Sinosteel Luoyang Refractory Research Institute Co., Ltd., is located in TQ11/TQ17 Basic Inorganic Chemical Industry / Silicate Industry The core area of the class.

"Refractory" has been included in the "Overview of Chinese Core Journals" for 9 consecutive times. the result of effort. Hereby, I would like to express my highest respect and gratitude to all the people and departments (organizations) from all walks of life who care and support the work of this journal! Refractory Magazine will continue to work hard, be diligent and dedicated, produce more high-quality products, and further improve the quality of publications.