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Precautions for the operation of automatic electric brick grinder

Posted time:2017-08-21 Page View:6642

As a brick body grinding equipment, the fully automatic electric brick grinder is efficient and reasonable. Yuanyu electric brick grinder can effectively reduce labor, electricity, labor intensity, site and cost in the process of brick body grinding.

1. The operator must wear waterproof clothing and waterproof shoes when operating the brick grinder to prevent debris from splashing out during grinding and hinder the operation of the operator.

2. When the brick grinding machine is in use, it is necessary to firmly fix the grinding disc on the main shaft, and carefully check the installation of the grinding disc and each abrasive tool to see if there is any looseness.

3. The reciprocating power speed of the brick grinding machine platform can be adjusted. The operating room must select the appropriate working speed and retraction speed according to the hardness of the material to avoid losses.

4. When we start the brick grinding machine, the cooling water pump should also start at the same time. Make sure the cooling water flow and pressure are sufficient before starting the operation. Avoid wear and tear on the brick grinding equipment and increase the life of the brick grinding machine.

5. The choice of grinding amount is also required for the brick grinding machine. In order to improve the bearing life of the abrasive tool, the general progress depth is 0.5mm. Excessive grinding depth is not recommended. Under normal circumstances, the working material is soft, the relative feed amount is larger, and the speed can be faster.

6. After the operation is completed, pay attention to cleaning the magazines and wear materials on the brick mill, maintain the hygiene around the brick mill equipment, and wipe the water droplets on the brick mill. Bearings, oil injection holes, and guide rails are coated with oil, which will rust in one second and improve the service life of the brick grinding machine.