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The use and precautions of brick cutting machine

Posted time:2018-09-06 Page View:8405

一. The structure of the brick cutting machine

Frame, tool holder, block block device, width adjustment clamping device and transmission device.

二, the use of brick cutting machine

The brick cutting machine is mainly used for ordinary clay bricks for compression test sampling or for cutting other non-metallic materials.

三, the characteristics of brick cutting machine

High cutting efficiency, no noise, no dust flying, cutting size and high material utilization.

4. Precautions for brick cutting machine

1. The grinding wheel of the brick cutting machine must be equipped with a protective cover. Silicon carbide grinding wheels are used for bricklaying and must have a factory certificate. When installing, check whether the grinding wheel is cracked or wet, and confirm that it is qualified before use.

2. When cutting bricks, the pedals should not be pressed too hard. When cutting bricks, the width of the cut part should not be less than 10mm. During the cutting process, the direction and position of the bricks should not be changed to prevent twisting and breaking the grinding wheel.

3. Do not squeeze the adjustment pedal so that the brick-cutting grinding wheel is overloaded; when the pressure is high, the grinding wheel is easily broken.

4. Brick cutting operators should wear protective glasses, masks and gloves.

5. If the machine fails during the brick cutting process, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and it is strictly forbidden to repair the parts during the machine operation.